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United Kingdom, Merseyside, Lord Daresbury Stand - Aintree

Lord Daresbury Stand - Aintree, Merseyside, United Kingdom 
Chipsgulv / Kvarts - dobbelt afstrøning i transparent belægning
The Lord Daresbury Stand, the oldest grandstand, was in situ when Aintree hosted Formula One races between 1955 and 1962, (1955 being the year that the great Sir Stirling Moss won his first British GP). The grandstand was suffering badly from water ingress to the areas below due to the floor coatings and joint seals degrading over years of exposure to the elements. KÖSTER flooring systems were specified to provide a long-term solution to the exposed areas, providing a decorative, slip-resistant finish suitable for UV exposure and the weather conditions faced in the UK. The chosen KÖSTER BTG system was then specially adapted to meet the desired finish chosen by the Jockey Club for this 715 square meters area. As part of the package of measures it was also decided to refurbish all of the expansion joints, using KÖSTER FS-V polysulphide joint sealant. The prepared concrete was then primed with KÖSTER CT 121 at 400 g per square meters. This is moisture tolerant, solvent free, epoxy primer, suitable for use in high stress trafficable areas. The KÖSTER BTG System was then applied. This consists of three items: 1) KÖSTER CT 215 Universal Floor scratch resistant high-build epoxy coating applied with a squeegee and back rolled at 300 g per square meter per coat. 2) Kiln dried quartz sand graded between 0.4 to 0.8 was broadcast over all standing areas and walkways, to provide a highly non-slip surface. 3) The area was then sealed with a colour tinted version of KÖSTER TS Transparent at 200 g per square meter. This top layer encapsulated the sand, whilst still allowing the texture to come through. The KÖSTER TS Transparent provides a high level of wear resistance and excellent UV stability. 
Anvendte produkter

KÖSTER CT 215 Universal Floor
KÖSTER Fugespartel FS-V sort
KÖSTER Kvartssand 0,4 - 0,8 mm
KÖSTER TS Transparent
Pro-Res (UK) Ltd 



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