Tagtætning med selvklæbende membraner

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3 KÖSTER TPO Membran

The self-adhering layer guarantees immediate, long-term adhesion and provides maximum protection against wind suction forces. The safe and easy welding of the overlaps with a hot air gun complete the installation advantages of the KÖSTER TPO SK (FR) single layer roofing system. Hardly any other material is as well suited for the waterproofing of roofs as thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO).

KÖSTER TPO SK (FR) Roofing Membranes are hail resistant, UV-stable, and have a high cold flexibility  down to - 50 °C.  Additionally, an embedded glass fleece provides the membrane with high stability. KÖSTER TPO SK (FR) Roofing Membranes are plasticizer-free and are compatible with all insulation types.

KÖSTER TPO SK (FR) Roofing Membranes are classified as Broof (t1) and meet the requirements for “hard roofs“ in accordance with DIN 4102-7. Moreover, KÖSTER TPO SK (FR) Roofing Membranes are suitable for installation directly over EPS insulation materials.



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